[Radio-announce] The Good Energy Mix: It's a warming, happy, fun way to start a new week!

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Mon Nov 16 09:59:47 EST 2015

Yeah! Why not!

There’s nothing like some good music to bring a greater sense of well-being.

And always, bits of interesting things to chat about.

It’s Monday. Don’t remind you? But Monday can mean new, fresh start! Monday can be a blank page on which to begin new intentions, new projects, new attitude! Monday can mean we’re closer to new possibilities, new opportunities! So turn on the music! Get in on the fun!
11:00 A.M.

Have you gotten the new ACB Radio Tuner?
Our own Jeff Bishop worked so hard to update and bring it to us! :-)

And if you use an iOS device, have you grabbed our new app ACB Link?

If so, find the Radio tab on the bottom. Once opened, press the Select button in the upper left corner and then choose Live Streams. Then choose ACB Radio Interactive, and then locate the Play button.
And wow, we got a great notification the other day about the NBP Gala. So if you don’t have notifications turned on, you might be missing out on the occasional, very cool notification!

Want The Good Energy Mix by phone?
605 475-8130.

Want it On Demand?
using the built-in web player.
It’s very cool! 

Lots of ways to get in on the fun!

And speaking of, have you checked out the Holiday Auction page? Wow!

So many cool things up there! Who’s bringing home the bacon? ;)

And that new Apple TV? Wow!

Don’t forget to check out the podcasts, which are the talk shows only. You can find the most recent Cooking With The Hazelnuts, Show 17, I do with The Big R, Randy Rusnak, and it’s right there on the new ACB Link App, along with the new MainMenu!!! Wow, so many great changes going on!!!
Don’t let them slip away!
New week, new ways to discover and enjoy!!!
It starts with today, The Good Energy Mix! 11:00 A.M.

Debbie Hazelton

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