[Radio-announce] Speaking Out for the Blind- Request for Questions- Not one, but let’s double it to two guests

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Tue Nov 24 17:18:30 EST 2015

Hi Speaking Out for the Blind listeners, 

I will be interviewing not one, but two, YES TWO, sets of exciting guests for upcoming episodes in December. 

First set of guests: 

UPTV, or Uplifting Entertainment, says that Patrick Henry Hughes was born without being able to strengthen his arms and legs. Patrick Henry was also born without eyes. Having no eyes and these physical challenges didn’t keep Patrick Henry from accomplishing much and conquering his dreams. His father, Patrick John Hughes, believed in his son’s potential and introduced Patrick Henry to the wonderful world of music, including playing the piano and trumpet, participating in a college marching band, and gaining national fame. Patrick Henry and Patrick John joins us to elaborate on these accomplishments and the road to fame and their impact on world view of the potential of blind and physically challenged people. 

Second set of guests: 

Motivational speaker and author Marcus Engel joins us to tell his extraordinary recovery story after being catastrophically injured and blinded by a drunk driver. He’ll also explain how he recovered and achieved success by making smart choices. 

I welcome any questions that you may have for these guests, and I’ll read most, if not all of them on the air. 

Just reply to this message with the question, your name, and where you’re from. 

The deadline for submitting questions is Tuesday December 1st at 6AM Pacific Time. 

Thank you. 

Brian McCallen 

Speaking Out for the Blind Producer and Host 

ACB Radio Mainstream 

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