[Radio-announce] It's Not Over Till It's Over on the Yin Yang Show on ACB Radio Interactive from 6 to 9 PM Eastern

Rick E Morin rick.morin at comcast.net
Thu Sep 24 13:06:34 EDT 2015

Hi friends,


We are saddened by the passing of Yogi Berra whose wit and wisdom are part
of America.


Tonight's entire Yin Yang Show on ACB Radio Interactive will celebrate Yogi
and his great Yogi-isms. We'll try to match up songs that catch the spirit
of Yogi.


Hope you can tune us in from 6 to 9 PM Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive


You may also listen to all ACB Radio's streams by calling 605-475-8130.


And remember to stay tuned after the Yin Yang Show to catch Ann Sylvia and
her award winning show Global Beat from 9 to midnight Eastern.


Thanks for listening!!


Brian Charlson

Rick Morin


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