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Tue Sep 29 10:37:33 EDT 2015

Hi all:

We have not one, but two affiliates streaming their conventions this
The lucky affiliates are the California Council of the Blind and the
Illinois Council of the Blind.
Both affiliates will have a lot of information packed sessions as well as
great entertainment this weekend.

California's coverage will be carried on ACB Radio Live Event.
You will be able to tune in to California's coverage by going to

We will be preempting ACB Radio World News and Information with Illinois's
convention coverage.
So you will be able to tune in to Illinois's coverage  by going to

To listen to California's coverage via the phone dial 605-475-8130 and
select option 6.

To listen to Illinois's coverage via the phone dial 605-475-8130 and select
option 5.

Okay let's get to the schedule for each affiliate!

California coverage:
Please note all times listed are in the Pacific time zone.

2015 CCB Conference and Convention (Oct. 1 - 4)

Thursday, October 1, 2015
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM  Technology Committee. 
Louis Herrera, Chair, Roger Petersen, Vice Chair. Technology Session.  
"The Start Menu is Back"
*	Speaker 1: Microsoft support team rep. Assistive Technology
development and support team Bellevue, Washington.  A Microsoft support Team
representative will show Microsoft's latest Windows operating system,
Windows 10 featuring the return of the Startup Menu. The Windows 10
demonstration will also include new enhancements to it's built in screen
reader and magnification tools. The support Team representative will
demonstrate Windows 10 using pull down menus as well as the tile screen
adjustment interface. There will also be a demonstration of new enhancements
in Narrator for windows 10.

*	Douglas Gary, Customer Service Representative, A.T. Kratter and
Associates, Garden Grove, CA.
		Douglas will demonstrate Window-eyes and ZoomText on the
Windows 10 platform. 

*	Peter Cantisani, Amazon Quality Assurance Evaluator, Alameda County.
Peter will demonstrate Amazon's Echo/Alexa bi-directional speech

4:15 PM - 7 PM  Hearing and Vision Impaired Committee. Trillium A - B
Streaming.  David Hanlon, Chair.

*	4:15 PM "Can You Hear Me Now?". Cathy Kirscher, M.S. Regional
Representative, Helen Keller National Center - SW Region.  This session
highlights the prevalence and impact of combined hearing and vision loss.
Strategies and resources focus on improved communication in this interactive
presentation. Try the Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) CCB has available
to better hear the convention speakers and presentations.

*	5:30 PM  "CA National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program,
NDBEDP".  Cathy Kirscher, M.S. Regional Representative, Helen Keller
National Center - SW Region.   Having trouble hearing on the phone?
Conference calls challenging?  Ms. Kirscher will present information on the
FCC sponsored NDBEDP free equipment program for qualified individuals who
have combined hearing and vision loss.  Applications will be available, as
well as help to fill out the information needed to apply.

*	6:30 PM Business Meeting.  Join us and help us plan fun monthly
resource events for the future year.  Could you be one of those resources?
Cathy Kirscher will be available at the HVI business meeting to briefly
explain the NDBEDP free equipment program and field questions as needed.
*	7 PM Adjournment.

Friday, October 2, 2015

9:00 AM - 12 Noon Committee on Access and Transportation (CAT) and
California Council of Citizens with Low Vision (CCCLV) Joint Session. 
Eugene Lozano, Jr., Chair, CAT; Bernice Kandarian, President, CCCLV.  

*	9:00 AM Opening comments.  Eugene Lozano Jr., Chair, Committee on
Access and Transportation, Bernice Kandarian, President, California Council
of Citizens with Low Vision.
*	9:05 AM  " Ensuring access to modern transportation and
entertainment."  Lisa Ells, J.D., Partner, Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP,
San Francisco, CA and Michael Nunez, J.D., Associate, Rosen Bien Galvan &
Grunfeld LLP, San Francisco, CA.  Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld ("RBGG") is
challenging discrimination against blind guide dog users in litigation
against Uber.  In addition, RBGG is investigating complaints concerning
accessing audio description at AMC theaters in California. Attorneys will
update CCB concerning efforts to secure equal access to these services.

*	10:05 AM  "Creating supportive environments for people with low
vision."  Henry L. Green, Hon. AIA, President, National Institute of
Building Sciences, Washington, DC.  The National Institute of Building
Sciences' Low Vision Design Committee recently published a guideline and is
now developing a national standard for buildings that support people with
low vision. This presentation will share why a national standard is
important and discuss environmental aspects that designers address to create
supportive environments.

*	11:05 AM "What is the LowViz Guide App and How to Use the
Technology." Dan Roberts, Director, MD Support, Grandview, MO. The Macular
Degeneration Foundation (MDF) heralded the success of its first deployment
of a groundbreaking indoor GPS system that helps blind and severely visually
impaired people navigate conventions and large group meetings with ease. The
system uses next-generation low-power indoor Bluetooth beacons that are
placed at all points of interest and importance in a meeting venue, and
constantly communicate their relative position with an app on users phones. 

*	Noon Adjournment.

1:30 PM - approximately 4:05 PM  First CCB General Session. 
Jeff Thom, CCB President presiding.

*	1:35 PM Invocation.  Pledge of Allegiance. Ken Metz, President,
Greater Los Angeles Chapter.

*	1:40 PM "The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Its
Impact upon Rehabilitation Services."  DOR Executive(s).  The WIOA, signed
into law on July 22, 2014, contains significant mandates related to services
to youth, independent living, supported employment, and the definition of an
employment outcome. The presentation will provide an overview of the
mandates, including those that may be of interest to individuals who are
blind and visually impaired and advocacy organizations.

*	2:10 PM "NO cost or low cost adaptive technology Solutions ."
Silvana Rainey, Co-owner, Adaptive Technology Services, San Francisco, CA.
Technology is an intrinsic part of our lives. It promotes independence,
expands our reach, allows us to function and creates equality. However,
mainstream and adaptive technology solutions can be very expensive,
sometimes cost prohibitive.  This presentation will focus on creative ideas,
low cost solutions and available resources.

*	2:40 PM "Are you bothered by the lack of sleep and what you can do
about it" Dewey McLin, PhD, Acting Director, Medical Strategy and Scientific
Affairs, Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc., San Diego, CA.  The presentation will
aim to educate attendees about Non-24, its symptoms, its impact, and its
prevalence in the blindness community.   

*	3:10 PM "The Other Side of Guide Dogs: Accreditation, Legislation,
and International Travel" James A. Kutsch, Jr., PhD, President and Chief
Executive Officer, The Seeing Eye, Morristown, NJ.  Jim Kutsch will discuss
the history, purpose, and impact of the International Guide Dog Federation
(IGDF), the three-year effort that led to the passing of guide dog
protection legislation, "Dusty's Law," signed into effect in New Jersey in
2014, and will share how he came to have "the best job in the world."

*	3:40 PM "Access to Absentee Voting" Lisa Ells, J.D., Partner, Rosen
Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP, San Francisco, CA and Michael Nunez, J.D.,
Associate, Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP, San Francisco, CA.  Absentee
voting has become increasingly popular in California. Blind and visually
impaired voters, however, cannot privately and independently cast absentee
ballots. CCB has retained Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld to push for
accessible absentee voting in California. RBGG attorneys Lisa Ells and
Michael Nunez will update CCB about their efforts.

*	4:05 PM Adjournment.

7:00 PM (Ending time sometime after 10 PM). Second CCB General Session. 
Eugene Lozano, Jr., CCB First Vice President presiding.

*	7:05 PM In Memoriam. Remembrance of CCB members who have passed away
since the 2014 Conference and Convention.

*	7:15 PM "Cell Therapy for Diabetes: the Hope of Islet
Transplantation", Kevin Ferreri, PH.D., Associate Research Professor,
Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Research, City of Hope,
Duarte, CA, Susan Weinberg, Patient Speaker, Los Angeles, CA.

		Diabetes has become a worldwide epidemic and is a leading
cause for kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and adult blindness. City
of Hope is investigating a promising treatment for type 1 diabetes involving
transplantation of insulin producing cells. This presentation will be an
update on the progress and challenges of islet transplantation therapy.
Additionally, Ms. Weinberg will be speaking about her life before, during
and after going through islet cell transplant.

*	7:55 PM "CSB, A Vision for the Future", Dr. Sharon Sacks, Ph.D.,
Superintendent, California School for the Blind, Fremont, CA.  Dr. Sacks
will provide an overview of the programs and services provided by CSB, and
share an action plan for its future goals. 

*	8:05 PM Credentials Committee Report, Pamela Polagi, Credentials
Committee Chair, Temple City, CA.

*	8:20 PM Mutt Strut, Speakers to be announced.

*	8:30 PM CCB Legislative Report, Mitch Pomerantz, Chair, Governmental
Affairs Committee, Pasadena, CA.

*	8:55 PM American Council of the Blind Report, Kim Charlson,
President, American Council of the Blind, Watertown, MA.

*	9:20 PM President's Report, Jeff Thom, President, California Council
of the Blind, Sacramento, CA.

*	9:40 PM Elections.  Election of officers and directors of the CCB
Board of Directors.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

1:30 PM - 4 PM Break Out Sessions/Tracks. Track 1: Technology Committee.
"Navigating the Internet with iOS and/or Mac using Assistive Technology
Workshop".  Sponsored by Southern California Gas Company.  Stephanie L.
Rood, Computer Assistive Technology Trainer, Veterans Administration, Blind
Rehabilitation Center, Long Beach, CA.  Find out how easy it is to use
Voiceover and navigate the web using the Voiceover rotor on your iPad.
Navigate the web using the Voiceover rotor on your iPad, iPhone and iTouch
to interact with forms, tables and blocks of text using both speech and
screen magnification. For individuals that prefer magnification, see how to
use safari and setup place markers and locate what you are looking for. At
the end of the session, attendees will be able to shop online as well as pay
their bills.

7:00 PM  The CCB Banquet. 
Join master of ceremonies Frank Welte, CCB board member, for an amazing
guest speaker, awards, presentation of scholarship winners and much much

Sunday, October 4, 2015

8:30 AM - 12 Noon  CCB Business Session. 
This session will include: CCB Treasurer's Report and reports from the
Constitution and By-Laws Committee, the Resolutions Committee, as well as
reports from other CCB Committees as time permits.

Please note all times listed are in the Central time zone.

"Treasuring the Past & Transitioning to the Future"

Friday - October 2

1:00 PM - Sessions Begin.
ICB President Rachel Schroeder presiding.
Welcome Invocation, President's Report, Introduction of First Timers,
Credentials Report, First Reading of Nominations, Treasurer's Report, and
First Presentation of FY-2016 ICB Budget.

2:00 PM - UEB Discussion, Bureau Chief, Library Update

3:00 PM - Break

3:15 PM - Comcast Accessibility 
4:15 PM - Apple TV Presentation - Byron Lee

8:00 PM - Social Hour (Music, Snacks & Cash Bar) 
Music provided by ACB Radio Managing Director Larry Turnbull

Saturday, October 3 
8:30 AM - Introduction of First Timers, Second Reading of Nominations, and
First Presentation of Convention Bids, First Reading of Proposed
Constitution and Bylaws Changes. 

1:00 PM - Information on NON-24 & HETLIOZ - Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Charles

1:30 PM - Prevention against Domestic Abuse - Arantxa Martinez

2:15 PM - Ham Radio - Larry Turnbull & Byron Lee

3:15 PM - Break

3:30 PM - Everyday People with Everyday Problems - Alice Bledsoe

4:15 PM - Candidates Forum

7:00 PM - ICB Banquet Dinner
* Banquet Speaker - Tuck Tinsley
* Presentation of Awards: Robert J. O'Shaughnessy Award, Thomas D. Bledsoe
Award, Mary McCann Award and Victor Buttram Award.
* 50/50 Raffle Winner Presented

Sunday, Oct. 4
7:30 AM - Memorial Service

8:30 AM - ICB annual business meeting.
Includes: Elections, Second Reading and Passing of Resolutions, Affiliate
Reports, Constitution and Bylaw Changes, Old Business and New Business.

Please note that coverage of these affiliates may change due to technical
difficulties or scheduling issues at the convention with little or no
advanced notice.

Thank you for listening to ACB Radio and we hope you enjoy the coverage this


Larry Turnbull
ACB Radio Managing Director
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