[Radio-announce] Reminder of the GDUI Spring Auction to be streamed this evening on ACB Radio Live Event

Larry Turnbull larry at acbradio.org
Sun Apr 3 07:26:50 CEST 2016

I have posted the auction items and auction rules on the ACB Radio website.


You can view them by going to http://acbradio.org/live.


You can tune in by going to the above link or dial 605-475-8130 and select
option 6 from any phone.

You can also listen through ACB link if you have an IOS device.


The GDUI announcement follows.


Happy listening and bidding.


Dear Friends: 

Guide Dog Users, Inc., will be holding our first annual Spring Radio Auction
using the facilities of ACB Radio on Sunday, April 3, 2016, from 7:00 until
9:00  pm Eastern time (4:00 - 6:00 pm, Pacific time). Our Radio Auction will
be the next best thing to actually being seated in the auction hall! Ken
Metz and I will be describing every item, and excitement will escalate as
competition heats up and bidders compete for the coveted items of their


We will be heard on the Live Events Station on ACB Radio. We're going to be
easy to find on the net or in the ACB-Link app on your smart phone, and
we're looking  forward to a great turn-out and a good time! 


The proceeds raised from  our first-ever Radio auction will be used to pay
for the voting process which allows our members to vote, independently,
online and via telephone in our annual election. GDUI was the first ACB
Affiliate to provide universal voting to its membership. This project will
be another giant step forward to support the great democratic foundation of
Guide Dog Users, Inc., and The American Council of the Blind. 


We wish to thank all of our generous members and friends  who contributed
prizes to this great event. 


  The toll-free number for those bidding to call is 

(866) 844-2662 

. If you don't have online access, you can call our Spring Radio Auction
during the event at 

(605) 475-8130, then press  Option 6. 


Auction Rules: 

  1.     At the auction we will take only credit card bids; no checks

  2.     We present each prize "as is," although we have done our best to
assure that each prize is in excellent working order.  

3.     Guide Dog Users, Inc.,  is held harmless for any problems which may
occur between the prize donor and the winner. 

4.     All food items will be shipped directly from the donor to the winner.

  5.     All other prizes will be shipped from our Los Angeles Headquarters.
We shall add a reasonable shipping and handling charge in order to deliver
prizes to the highest bidders within a reasonable amount of time. Please
expect to wait as long as three weeks to receive your items.  

6.     When you call in a bid, we will need your name and phone number and
your bid. Bids will be at five dollar increments. 

  7.     One bid per prize per call. If two prizes are being auctioned, you
may give bids for both prizes with one call. 

  Below is a listing of the prizes followed by a short description of each
of them.  


Auction Items in the Great Spring 2016GDUI Radio Auction   

1.            Five dozen cookies from Penny's Kitchen. 

Mouth-watering Oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and chocolate chips. 

Donated by Penny Reeder 


 2.           Two-pound tin of Ken Metz' fabulous homemade peanut brittle.
This brittle is unique -- unequalled in flavor by any other brittle we've
ever tasted! Ken's peanut brittle is made with lots of love. 

Donated by Ken Metz 


  3.            Infrared Non-Contact Talking Thermometer.  

This thermometer offers three modes of operation, allowing you to easily and
accurately take your body, surface and room temperatures. In a commanding
female voice, your temperature will be spoken and then stored in memory.
This handy device requires two double A batteries (not included). 

Donated by Speak to Me Catalog 


4.            Humanware Gift Certificate 

Donated by Humanware 


5.            AA Speakers Audio Limited 2a speaker system. 

For computer or for home use. Two        satellite speakers and a powered
sub-woofer. Contains an audio tutorial. 

Donated by the Harbolt Company 


6.            Pocket radio with a carry harness. 

Bring your music or ball game along with you wherever you go. Donated by The
C. Crane Company 


  7.          Sony Digital Voice Recorder Model ICD-BX112.  

Selectable microphone with high sensitivity. 

Donated by Marquez Products 


 8.           One free one-year license for the Sam Net All-Access Package. 

This free license will allow you to use all of the features of the SAM
Mobile network. 

Donated by the Serotek Corporation 


9.   Second Generation Stream Case. 

Everyone with a Second-Generation Victor Reader Stream needs this wonderful

Donated by Executive products 


 10.          MAGic Screen Magnifier 

License valued at $595.00. Top bidder will be licensed to use the MAGic
Product which provides screen magnification as well as speech. 

Donated by Freedom Scientific 


11.          One 8-pound Honey Baked Ham. 

Your mouth will already be watering as you bid on this tasty ham. 

Donated by RuthAnn Acosta 


12.          Beautiful ripple pattern afghan. 

Measures approximately 48 by 60 inches. Shades of blue, aqua, and some
green; think of a peacock. Machine washable. 

Donated by Darlene Walker 


13.          Two dozen delicious no-flour peanut butter cookies. 

The most wonderful cookies with a        touch of cinnamon. 

Donated by Sugar Lopez 


14.          A VenStar Bluetooth Speaker. 

Purchased from Mystic Access. This is a great speaker which was discussed on
one of our Tek talk Programs. 

Donated by Robert Acosta 


15.          Two JBL speakers. 

These speakers will fill your room with exquisite sound. 

Donated by Darla Rogers 


16.          A versatile 7-in-1 wooden stereo system. 

Multi-function stereo shelf system containing a turntable, cassette player,
Am/FM radio, and CD player/recorder. The unit is a beautifully designed
system that combines the most modern CD technology in an "old school" wooden
cabinet. The package contains a great tutorial narrated by Seth Russell of
Speak to Me Catalog. 

Donated by Robert Acosta 


17. A PlexTalk Linio Pocket Daisy Player. 

This is an easy-to-learn-and-use DAISY Player with many improvements.  

Donated by The Shinnano Corporation 


18. A lovely jewelry set containing a necklace, earrings, and bracelet ,
featuring beads and flowers and constructed of pink and white burnished

Donated by Keri Bishop 


19. Shark Boombox Bluetooth Speaker. 

Mp3 tutorial included.  

Donated by Mystic Access 



Tutorial is in the package.  The Original GoBible is a hand-held, portable
MP3 device preloaded with the entire audio version of the King James Bible,
narrated by Alexander Scourby. This is an audio device only. The interactive
menu allows the user to easily scroll through the Old and New Testaments and
select the book, chapter, and verse to begin play. Over 70 hours of audio!
It is indexed to the verse level. A set of       ergonomic headphones, one
AAA battery and instruction manual are included. The Manual in mp3 from
GoBible, A Tutorial from Ferguson Technologies, and the manual in text

Donated by Ferguson Products 


21. The Franklin Master Dictionary. 

You can even play games on this product. 

Donated by Robert Acosta 


22.          The BuzzClip. 

A small and discreet wearable mobility device for people who are blind or
have low vision. The device uses ultrasound to detect obstacles that may lie
directly n ones' path of travel. Then the device uses vibrations to notify
the wearer of an approaching obstacle. The BuzzClip offers essential head
level obstacle detection and can be attached to many kinds of clothing,
making it a highly versatile and useful device. 

Donated by Imerciv, Inc.  


23. Kon g package and More! 

One King dog Bed made by KONG measuring 30 by 40 inches. The top cover is
soft and red in color, and A gray, extra tough chew-resistant material makes
up the sides and bottom of this reversible and     machine washable bed.
There is a handle on one side for easy carrying.  


One large red KONG Classic Dog Toy, a KONG WEBBA Dog Toy that          is a
Fuzzy, squeaky blue triceratops. 


1 KONG MEDIUM GOODIE BONE for average chewers. There are holes in each end
to hide KONG treats for your dog to discover. 




1 GDUI Pouch. Black with "Guide Dog User's, Inc." printed on the outside in
blue letters. Sturdy zipper on top, plus two straps to fasten to a harness,
leash or other items.  Inside the pouch a plastic clip lets you attach your
keys, and an outside pocket is perfect for your school I.D. or a credit


Extra bonus: two rolls of pickup bags and one small bottle of hand


And now for the human! One Royal Plush Rachel Throw that measures 50 by 60
inches. Picture of a black Labrador, tan field in the background and a light
blue sky. 

All donated by Sarah Calhoun 


24.          A George foreman Grill with Removable Plates. 

Cook your favorite meats, fowl and fish and retain their wonderful flavors.
The removable plates are dishwasher safe making the grill easy to clean. 

Donated by Darla Rogers 


  25.          Guide Dog goodies. 

400 Pet waste bags with 2 dispensers included. Lixit Portable Sport bottle
for dogs. Cool-it Bandana. $3.90 Treat bag. Tail buddies beaver. Other toys
are Squeaky snake, stuffed lamb, Kong extreme, Silver bone tags and Fire

Donated by Guide Dog Users, Inc. 


26.          The RockKrok Dutch Oven. 

This all-purpose prize is a must for any kitchen. Use it on the stove-top,
in the oven, in your microwave and while barbecuing. 

Donated by Ruth Ann Acosta 


  27.          One light blue and white pearl necklace. 

The necklace, made of light-blue seed beads,  measures 25 inches. The beads
are woven in a herringbone design with a small white pearl woven in, Every
few inches. At the bottom of the necklace is a white mother-of-pearl flower
that is one and a half inches. The closure is magnetic. 

Donated by Judi Rand 


29. A 21-inch necklace of alternating black and gold round beads. There is a
gold bead in the very center of the front, and 7 inches of flat black beads
leading to the lobster-claw clasp. 

Donated by Judi Rand 


28.          Burgundy Cable Wine Bottle Pullover Sweater. 

This wine bottle cozy is knit in a burgundy color acrylic yarn. It looks
like a little pullover sweater for your wine bottle.  It has knit cables
which run from the bottom to the collar.  The Collar is a ribbed knit
turtleneck, with a drawstring tie to close the cozy around the neck of the
bottle.  Washable. 

Designed and hand knit by Dixie Sanderson 


30.          A Fabulous Old-Time-Radio Prize. 

For true OTR fans, we offer an external drive containing over 36,000
old-time-radio programs. Listen to programs like The Shadow and the Lone
Ranger again. 

Donated by Robert Acosta 


31.          BlindAlive Workouts 

For people who love to exercise and keep fit. This package contains 3
workouts of the winner's choice.  All workouts will count as one, with the
exception of the Gentle Workout Set, which counts as two workouts, given its
length. Winners can choose from Digital format, CD, or USB  Thumb Drive. 

Donated by Blind Alive 


32.          Blaze EZ Carrying Case. 

Carrying case to fit this product, manufactured by HIMS, Inc., donated by
Executive Products. 

Donated by Executive products 


33.          Pocket C. Crane Radio with Carrying Harness. 

Pocket radio with a carry harness allowing you to bring your music or ball
game along wherever you go. 

Donated by Robert Acosta 


34.          White Wine Bottle Cable Cardigan. 

This Wine Bottle Cozy is knit in an off-white acrylic yarn.  It looks like a
little cardigan sweater for your wine bottle.  There are small cables
running from the bottom to the collar.  The Collar folds over like that of a
button-up sweater.  There are 3 black buttons, one on the collar and 2 along
the center front.  Washable. 

Designed and hand knit by Dixie Sanderson 


  35.          Brook stone Wine and Snack Trays. 

When it's party time, carry your glass and snacks in one hand. Wine glass
rests in a cut-out on a 5 x 8 inch tray. Durable laminated walnut, cherry,
padauk and maple finishes. Set of 4 trays. Easy care. 

Donated by Debbie Sands, DJS Consultant Services.  


36. Framed and matted photograph of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge with New York
City in the background.  This is a color enhanced black and white photograph
of one of the world's most beautiful bridges.  Some of the lights, an
American flag atop the bridge, the new Freedom Tower  in the background and
a red umbrella carried by a single young woman crossing the bridge have been
colorized.  The black matte frame measures 20 inches in width by 10  inches
in height.  The photographer is Vasiliy Cravats.

Donated by Maria Hansen.


37. Some wonderful cookie balls with flavors like peppermint, gingersnaps to
mention but a couple. She will present you with one selection. Our donor is
the wonderful lady who takes our telephone calls at the ACB Holiday Auction.
Expect your delivery in mid-April please. Donated by Patti Cox.


38. For human consumption only: I am thrilled to make two kinds of puppy
chow for your auction.

One will be milk chocolate and one will be white chocolate peppermint.
Donated by heather Masterson.


39. A great fitness prize. I would like to donate one, one hour phone/skype
consultation value $59.00 additionally I will include for the winner one
custom recorded follow along workout audio file minimum value $29.00(I say
minimum because that's my starting price but sometimes they are more costly
depending on the amount of detail the client wants/needs). Donated by Bill
Kociaba, Kociaba Fitness.


40 A Taste of north Carolina.

Description: Three dozen aged sharp Cheddar Cheese Straws, Two dozen of each
cookie selection including cinnamon spice, lemon, and more.

Donated by Ruth Ann Acosta





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