[Radio-announce] It's another late night show from me on ACB Radio Interactive.

Kevin Minor kminor65 at outlook.com
Sat Apr 30 02:39:43 CEST 2016


Mr. Ensomnia has struck again, so I've decided to do another all night show on ACB Radio Interactive.  I'll be playing 80's music, but you're free to request anything you want.  Send your requests via email to

kevin at acbradio.org<mailto:kevin at acbradio.org>

or use Twitter to


And these will get to me.  Your notes don't have to be requests.  Feel free to say hi, or you can comment on how great or awful the show is.

If everything goes as I plan, I'll be on until 8 a.m. Eastern, 5 a.m. Pacific today.

Catch you on ACB Radio Interactive!

Kevin Minor, Lexington, KY
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