[Radio-announce] Calling all those who enjoy praise and worship!

Alex Banwell alexbanwell777 at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 3 13:28:02 EST 2016

Hi everyone.


It's Wednesday again, and soon, it will be 2 pm Eastern.  In case you're
wondering why that's significant, well, I could be extremely cryptic and
just say: 'Tune into ACB Radio Interactive and you'll find out'.  However,
since I'm actually a pretty nice person, I'll tell you.  If you do happen to
tune into ACB Radio Interactive at 2 pm Eastern, or any time during the
following 3 hours, you'll hear a show called Worship Unlimited - a show
packed full of Christian music, chatter, and plenty of requests.  In fact,
last week, the whole show comprised of requests, and it'd be great if that
could happen again today.  The way to make sure it happens is by either
emailing your requests to:

Worshipunlimited1 at gmail.com,

Or tweeting:


Then, of course, tune in at 2 pm Eastern.  But you already know that part!


Hope to hear from you soon!

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