[Radio-announce] Speaking Out for the Blind- Request for Questions- Two guests are on their way

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Mon Feb 8 13:33:07 EST 2016

Hi Speaking Out for the Blind listeners, 

Two new guests are on their way to be interviewed on Speaking Out for the Blind . 

First guest: 

Dr. Valerie Capers is a noted blind jazz pianist with many awards as well as a University professor of music. Dr. Capers joins us to explain how she worked her way to notoriety and how you might achieve your musical dreams. 

Second guest: 

You’re probably making travel plans for the Spring or Summer. Maybe you’re flying on your favorite airline. You may also be going on a country tour with friends. And there’s the excitement of cruising the high seas. But we’re blind. How do we make sure that we have a nice trip? Sue Bramhill from Mind’s Eye Travel (a travel agency serving the blind) joins us to answer this very important question. 

I welcome any questions that you may have for these guests, and I’ll read most, if not all of them on the air. 

Just reply to this message with the question, your name, and where you’re from. 

The deadline for submitting questions for Dr. Valerie Capers is Thursday February 18th at 6AM Pacific Time. 

The deadline for submitting questions for Sue Bramhall is Thursday March 10th at 6AM Pacific Time. 

Thank you. 

Brian McCallen 

Speaking Out for the Blind Producer and Host 

ACB Radio Mainstream 

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