[Radio-announce] The 2016 RSVA SageBrush coverage continues on ACB Radio Live Event today

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Tue Feb 16 08:33:58 EST 2016

Good morning all:


First I would like to thank Brian Charlson and Rick Morin for their work in
covering the RSVA board meeting yesterday.

The archive of that meeting has been posted to the ACB Radio website.


You can get it by going to http://acbradio.org/rsva2016.

The archives of the remaining sessions will be posted to this page as soon
as possible after the session ends for the day.

Also we will be running a replay of the day's session overnight and for part
of the next day until live coverage begins again.


Here is today's agenda:

Again the times listed are in the pacific time zone.



All events: Grand Ballroom (Rush Tower)


9:00 AM:



"Welcome to Sagebrush":

Filo Tu (HI), Blind Vendors Ohana, Inc., Sagebrush Chair/ RSVAR Board Member

Dan Sippl (WI), RSVAR President, Sip N' Snack Vending


Moderator: Scott Eggen (MN), S. V. S. Vending, RSVAR Board Member


"Welcome from Nevada":

Kae Pohe (NV), President

Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of Nevada

Rick Kuhlmey (NV), President

Nevada Council of the Blind

Drazen Elez (NV), Bureau Chief 

Business Enterprises of Nevada


Introduction of Participants:

Dan Sippl (WI), RSVAR President, Sip N'Snack Vending

9:30 AM:

"The Best Retirement Plans For Small Business Owners - You Can Deduct More
Money Than You Think"

Mark Breen (OH), NFP Advisor Services, LLC.

10:00 AM:

Questions and Answers


10:05 AM:

Break (Refreshments at Back of Room)


10:20 AM:

"Options with Southern Foodservice": 

Mike Barclay (AL), President

Southern Foodservice Management, Inc. 




10:30 AM:

"The Latest From American Council of the Blind"

Jeff Thom (CA), First Vice President

American Council of the Blind


10:50 AM:

Questions and Answers


10:55 AM:

"Hiring And Firing Employees, Behavioral Testing"

Darwin Hogwood (NV), SCORE Certified Business Mentor


11:35 AM:

Questions and Answers


11:40 AM:

"SCORE Trainings and Tools"

Kenneth Baird (NV), SCORE Certified Business Mentor


11:55 AM:

Questions and Answers


NOTE: Jeff Thom (CA), RSVAR Attorney and First Vice President American
Association of Visually Impaired Attorneys will be available all afternoon
for one-on-one Randolph-Sheppard Program questions.


1:30 PM:

Moderator: Eddie Turner (MS), E Turner Services

RSVAR Board Member

1:30 PM:


1:35 PM:

"Automated Merchandising Systems Update": 

Tim Paul (WV), Regional Manager/South

Automated Merchandising Systems



1:40 PM:

"Promoting The Randolph-Sheppard Program"

Kent Walser (WI), Executive Director

Randolph Sheppard Vendors of Wisconsin

John Hulet (MN), Supervisor

State of Minnesota - BEP

Dan Sippl (WI), RSVAR President, Sip N' Snack Vending

Scott Eggen (MN), S.V.S. Vending

RSVAR Board Member


2:15 PM

Questions and Answers

2:20 PM:

Open Forum: "How Rules Should Be Followed"

Deanna Jones, J.D., Manager/Program Analyst, Randolph-Sheppard Program,
Rehabilitation Services Administration, U.S. Department of Education


2:55 PM:

Questions and Answers

3:00 PM:

Break (Refreshments at Back of Room)

3:15 PM:

"How Insurance Can Drastically Reduce Your Tax Liability

And Protect Your Business"

Mark Breen (OH), NFP Advisor Services, LLC.

3:50 PM:

Questions and Answers

3:55 PM:



4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Breakout Session 1:

State Administrators Meeting 


Rajaunnda "Raj" Gandy (GA), Director

Georgia Business Enterprise Program

Kent Walser (WI), Executive Director

Randolph Sheppard Vendors of Wisconsin

Suggested Topic: "Exploring New Options For Facilities"


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Breakout Session 2:

State Committee Chairperson Meeting:


Scott Eggen (MN), S.V.S. Vending

Past EC Chair Minnesota, RSVAR Board Member

Johnny Boshell (AL), J B Snacks, Vice-Chair Alabama EC

RSVAR Board Member

Suggested topic: "Exploring New Options For Facilities"


To view the agenda for the entire week please visit

You can also listen to the coverage by clicking one of the listen links on
this page or by dialing 605-475-8130 from any telephone and selecting option
6 for the live event stream.

If you have an I device such as an iPhone or iPad, you can listen to the
coverage with the ACB link app.


If you have not installed the ACB Link app you can search for it in the app
store by typing ACB Link in the search field.


Once installed just open the app and double tap on the radio tab and then
double tap on the select button at the far left side of the screen.

Then double tap on live streams.

Then double tap on ACB Radio Live Event.

Finally, double tap on the play button and the stream will launch.


Happy listening!


Larry Turnbull

ACB Radio Managing Director and ACB Server Administrator




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