[Radio-announce] A couple of things

Larry Turnbull larry at acbradio.org
Sat Feb 20 15:44:21 EST 2016

Hi all:


First, a huge thanks goes out to Brian Charlson and Rick Morin for their
coverage of the 2016 Sagebrush Conference.

All sessions of the conference are now replaying on ACB Radio Live Event and
will continue to do so throughout the upcoming week.

Also the archives of these sessions can be downloaded by going to


Brian and Rick will be providing coverage of the upcoming midyear meetings.

Those meetings include the presidents' meeting and the legislative seminar.

More will be coming on that shortly.


Finally, The latest program Affiliates in Action is now available via

You can subscribe to it by using the following url:



This podcast is also available in iTunes so you can search for affiliates in
action and it will come up.


Happy listening!


Larry Turnbull

ACB Radio Managing Director and ACB Server Administrator


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