[Radio-announce] homemade egg nog, funny but not so fun kitchen mistakes! Hazelnuts: 9 EST on ACB Radio Mainstream

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Sat Jan 2 16:58:26 EST 2016

Happy new year everyone! What a packed show this week!

Jason Castonguay, co-host of MainMenu visits, and we both make egg nog! Yum!

Meanwhile, Randy’s cleaning up the mess of yours and our kitchen mistakes! lol. 
We appreciate those who called and sent in their funny mistakes. Keep them coming! We want them, and your triumphs too.

When? Tonight at 9 Eastern.
Where? ACB Radio Mainstream
http://acbradio.org/mainstream <http://acbradio.org/mainstream>
Or, by phone: 605 735-8130.

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Do you cook? Want to demo or come on the show and share stories, methods or techniques?
Let us hear from you!

Meanwhile, enjoy some egg nog with us!

Happy cooking!

Debbie Hazelton
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