[Radio-announce] This week on Eyes On Success: Rendering Art with 3D Printers

BlueSkies11 BlueSkies11 at torpey.info
Wed Jan 6 10:03:13 EST 2016

Listen to Eyes ON Success on ACB Radio every Wednesday evening at 10:00 pm
eastern time.  The show is then repeated every two hours on the even hour
throughout the night and then all day Thursday.


This week's episode is:

1602 Rendering Art with 3D Printers (Jan. 6, 2016) 

 If you can't see great paintings, now there's a new way you can experience
them. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Marc Dillon who runs the
Unseen Art project. By converting 2-D artworks into 3-dimensional renditions
including textures to represent shading and other features these works are
made accessible to the blind.  


The audio and show notes can be found at:

www.EyesOnSuccess.net <http://www.EyesOnSuccess.net> 


The podcast is also available on iTunes.



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