[Radio-announce] Speaking Out for the Blind- Request for Questions- Two guests comin’ up

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Wed Jan 13 17:14:59 EST 2016

Hi Speaking Out for the Blind listeners, 

Two new guests are comin’ around to be interviewed on Speaking Out for the Blind this month. 

First guest: 

Adrijana Prokopenko may be a blind teacher by day in her home of Macedonia; but by night, Adrijana runs four Facebook groups to keep blind people talking and happy. To talk about the groups, how they might cure loneliness, and to tell a little about herself, Adrijana joins us. 

Second guest: 

San Francisco LightHouse for the Blind CEO Bryan Bashin joins us to explain a much welcomed, yet usual, and curious donation of over one hundred million dollars from a blind Seattle businessman. Bryan will also talk about how the donation will provide an enormous impact in the LightHouse’s facility and level of services. 

I welcome any questions that you may have for these guests, and I’ll read most, if not all of them on the air. 

Just reply to this message with the question, your name, and where you’re from. 

The deadline for submitting questions is Friday January 15th at 6AM Pacific Time. 

Thank you. 

Brian McCallen 

Speaking Out for the Blind Producer and Host 

ACB Radio Mainstream 
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