[Radio-announce] ACBRadio is being featured on Stream Licensing's Director

Larry Turnbull larry at acbradio.org
Mon Jun 13 10:26:51 CEST 2016

Hi all:


ACBRadio has achieved a major milestone!


For copyright compliance ACBRadio has been with Stream Licensing llc for the
last few years.


Another advantage of being an affiliate of Stream Licensing llc for ACBRadio
is that it is listed in their directory for any listener to find in their
search for a station to listen to.


Stream Licensing has thousands of radio stations in their directory.


As of this past Friday ACBRadio Interactive and ACBRadio Café are being
featured in several genres of Stream Licensing’s directory.


This means that these streams are showing up near the top in the searches.


This also means that ACBRadio is being exposed to more potential listeners.


Here is a link to Stream Licensing’s website and one of the genres ACBRadio
is featured in.




This is a huge milestone and I am proud of all of the staff at ACBRadio and
I am grateful for everybody who listens and supports ACBRadio.


Thanks for your support.


Larry Turnbull

ACBRadio Managing Director


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