[Radio-announce] My upcoming visually impaired guest is one of a kind!

Speaking Out for the Blind speakout at acbradio.org
Mon Jun 20 16:49:41 CEST 2016

*/Chicago Lighthouse Visually Impaired Senior Vice-President for 
Rehabilitation Services Tom Perski /*– Wed June 22nd 10:30PM 
Eastern/7:30PM Pacific

WLS-TV in Chicago reports that Tom Perski is the Chicago Lighthouse’s 
Visually Impaired Senior Vice-President for Rehabilitation. The Chicago 
Lighthouse says that Tom oversees the Lighthouse’s Tools for Living 
consumer products store, Assistive Technology Center, and Veterans 
Affairs Distribution Program. Tom has expanded sales and services 
through creating a new e-commerce website featuring independent living 
and technology aids. He is also going to tell us about a cool new 
miniature camera device for reading text. Tom joins us to explain his 
journey to achieving this high rank. Tom will also describe how he helps 
improve the lives of the Chicago Lighthouse’s blind clients.

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