[Radio-announce] The Desert Skies Show airs later today at 6:00 Eastern

Jeff Bishop jeff at jeffbishop.com
Sat Jun 25 11:47:25 CEST 2016

Hello Everyone,

Well, today is filled with lots of activities including:

********* Preparation for convention.

********* Spending breakfast with family for our late Father's Day get together.

********* Arizona Wildcat college world series baseball!

Wow, and just think that all happens before the show even starts!

Today on the show we will be playing lots of great music and filling you in on our convention activities. ACB Link 1.1 is just about to hit the iOS app store and we fill you in on all of the changes. The iOS calendar for convention attendees and even for those of you at home is ready for your use and we will talk about how to add this to your phone. In addition to all of this we will play your requests and have lots of great conversation.

All the fun starts at 6:00 Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive. Contact details will be given on the show.

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