[Radio-announce] This week’s guest has the heroic legal edge!

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Disability Rights Attorney Lainey Feingold – Wed May 25th 10:30PM Eastern/7:30PM Pacific 

This guest has the heroic legal edge. She may not necessarily save the world from evil, but she’s a champion of blind people’s rights. Her name is Lainey Feingold and she’s an attorney who joins us to explain how she uses her structured negotiation powers to help blind people seek full participation in society. 

To listen to this week’s Speaking Out for the Blind, go to: http://acbradio.org/mainstream , and choose one of the links under “Listen to ACB Radio Mainstream;” or call 605-475-8130, and when prompted, press “1” for ACB Radio Mainstream. Show archive page is at http://acbradio.org/speaking-out-for-the-blind . Facebook page is at Speaking Out for the Blind and Twitter page is at SpeakOutBlind (You may also access this at SpeakingOutfortheBlind). My new show email address is: speakout at acbradio.org . 

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