[Radio-announce] WCB Student Summit and Women's Expo, ACB Scholarship Committee and Auction Preview on November 2016 Affiliates in Action at 10 PM Eastern tonight on ACB Radio Mainstream

Rick E. Morin rick.morin at comcast.net
Mon Nov 7 12:39:45 CET 2016

Hi Affiliate leaders and members,


The November 2016 Affiliates in Action on ACB Radio Mainstream at 10 PM
Eastern will feature Rick Lewis' interviews of Lori Allison about the
Washington Council of the Blind's (WCB) Student Summit and interview of
Haley Agers about WCB's Women's Expo both which occurred this past weekend
during the WCB Annual Convention. 


Also featured will be Rick Morin's interviews of Michael Garrett about the
ACB Scholarship Committee with information about this year's scholarship
program and a great preview with Carla Ruschival of the 2016 ACB Auction to
be held on ACB Radio on Sunday December 4 from 7 PM Eastern till at least 11
PM or whenever all items are sold.


Affiliates in Action airs Monday evenings at 10 PM Eastern with replays
every three hours through 10 PM Tuesday. Each month, Affiliates in Action
features information about and for state and special interest ACB Affiliates
and their members. 


Please tune in tonight from 10 to 11 PM Eastern at 

http://acbradio.org/mainstream. You may also listen via the incredible iOs
app ACB Link available through the App Store. You may also listen via
telephone at 605-475-8130.


Thanks for listening and your support of ACB Radio!


Rick Lewis

Rick Morin


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