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Thank you sir.

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Hi Jeff and all,

You guys do a real good job and thanks for all that you do!   Happy 
Thanksgiving to you as well!

Charlie Crawford.

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Hello Everyone,

First of all, I would like to wish all of you a very warm and wonderful Thanks 

We have a number of changes for Treasure Trove to announce. First of all, the 
run of Mr. and Mrs. North has come to an end. This Monday in this slot we 
present the series Ellery Queen, thus keeping the hour of mystery intact. 
Richard Diamond Private Detective will follow the duo of Ellery and Queen.

To celebrate the Thanks Giving holiday we are preempting the normal Treasure 
Trove schedule for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. Here is the 4 
hour block schedule for each day (which will repeat throughout the day):


                George Burns & the Gracie Allen Show - Join George and Gracie 
for Thanks Giving dinner.

                CBS Radio Workshop - Rewind through history with us in the 
Sounds of the Nation episode.

                Father Knows Best - Can Father keep the family in focus for 
Thanks Giving or are the kids out to create chaos? Tune in and find out!

                Challenge of the Yukon - Find out what happens to the Sargent 
in the story of Thanksgiving in the Wilderness.

Family Theater - Tune in for the story Home for Thanks Giving.

                You Are There - Tune in as we hear a reenactment of the 
Sailing of the Pilgrims.

Jack Benny - Uh oh! Jack brought something else home besides a turkey! Join us 
and find out what it is and what laughter might take place.

                The Bing Crosby Show - Sit back and relax as Bing and others 
put you to sleep after you finished eating and performing all of those knife 
and fork exercises.


                Our Miss Brooks - Oh boy! Yes, there is a turkey for dinner 
but listen to the story of what kind and the humor and fun that takes place as 
they deliver the turkey.

Crime Photographer - Crime doesn't rest, even after eating your turkey. Come 
listen and find out what happens next!

The Aldrich Family - Join us for the episode entitled Thanksgiving Dance and 
Turkey Run.

                Cavalcade of America - Join us for the episode entitled Us 

The Life of Riley - Join us as we join the gang for Thanksgiving With The 
Gillis family.

                AFRS Thanksgiving Show  - We go back in history and listen to 
a show heard by our troops. Listen to the entertainment broadcast to them on 
Thanks Giving day.

Amos And Andy - Listen in to their Thanks Giving show.

The Adventures of Sam Spade - The Terrified Turkey Caper rides again, oh wait, 
this isn't a western is it. Never the less, find out how this caper is 


                Abbott & Costello - Tune into the episode Formal Thanksgiving 

The Red Skelton Show - Tune in as we hear what Red is thankful for during this 
holiday in the episode Things to Be Thankful For.

Let George Do It - Join us for the episode Cause for Thanks Giving.

                Quiz Kids - Join us for some fun from children as they read to 
us poems about things that they are thankful for as well as answering trivia 

Lum & Abner - A Special Thanksgiving Dinner.

Harold Peary Show and the Great Gildersleeve - We hear from both families as 
they celebrate Thanks Giving.

Life With Luigi - Listen to a very fun and unique Thanks Giving celebration.

More changes are coming after next weekend and I will send out an announcement 
as we get closer to those airing on Treasure Trove. To give you a hint, 
Treasure Trove Christmas programming will start on November 30 this year. 
Don't worry, not a bunch, just some. Stay tuned for what is coming!

Again, have a wonderful Thanks Giving and have some pie for me!


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