[Radio-announce] Christmas Programming coming to Treasure Trove

Jeff Bishop jeff at jeffbishop.com
Mon Nov 28 01:14:04 EST 2016

Hello Treasure Trove Family,

As promised a sprinkling of Christmas programming is starting on Treasure Trove. The first hour of each scheduled four hour block is being used for this purpose. Starting Tuesday, November 29,  you will hear Jonathan Thomas and his Christmas on the Moon and The Cinnamon Bear. These episodes will air each day up to and including Christmas Eve. We will start a very special series of the Great Gildersleeve on December 8 to complete the second half of this hour of programming. The schedule on the web site reflects these changes.

Due to this the following shows will not be aired during this Christmas season:

Note: The show listed second in the list below will still air from November 29 through December 7.

Sunday: The Life Of Riley and Broadway is my Beat

Monday: Ellery Queen and Richard Diamond

Tuesday: Boston Blackie and The Weird Circle

Wednesday: Meet the Meeks and I was a Communist for the FBI

Thursday: Burns And Allen and Escape

Friday: Our Miss Brooks and Dragnet

Saturday: The Halls Of Ivy and The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

These shows will return after the holiday season.

More Christmas goodies will be announced in the coming days.

Happy listening,


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