[Radio-announce] it's going to be a fun night!

Mike Bernard mbern6516 at aol.com
Wed Oct 12 12:48:05 CEST 2016

Greetings friends and fellow staff,

Join me, my friend Jeremy, and his awesome girlfriend Anita tonight from 7
to 9 pm Eastern, 6 central,  5 mountain, 8 Austrailian,1 New Zealand  and 4
pacific, for The Best Of Yesterday and Today. We've got a real treat for you
tonight, because tonight, we'll be spinning song take offs.  Every other
song in our playlist tonight will be a parity of its original counterpart.
First we'll play the original, then play its parity back to back. Let me
tell you, some of this stuff is going to really put a smile on your face.
You'll just have to tune in to find out just what we're talking about. 

Point your  web browser to:


and join us for The Best Of Yesterday and Today tonight at 7 on ACBRI where
your listening is our business.



Do you like classic rock? Do you like to shake your groove with disco,
eighties new wave,  90s hiphop or today's latest hits? If so, Check out my
show every Wednesday night from 7 to 9 pm on ACB Radio Interactive at 

 <http://www.acbradio.org/interactive> www.acbradio.org/interactive


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