[Radio-announce] On The Inside Track, Miss Desmond: Woman Behind The Theme Song - New Change Of Schedule

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Wed Sep 7 19:38:02 CEST 2016

9:30 PM. EDT.

Hi Everyone,

Join me as I talk with Miss Desmond, AKA Desmond Clark, the woman behind the show opening and closing song: “It’s Way Down Inside.”

Join me as we explore Defining Moments From There To Here in her ongoing passionate Pursuit of spiritual truth and mysticism.  I must admit, in my thoughts of planning this show from its inception, it is the interplay of life experience and spirituality that most fascinates me.

there’s lots of background ambiance. We were out to eat. :-)
I thought it would give the show another level of atmosphere.

Change in show scheduling.

Believing I would somehow find time at convention to record a bunch of interviews to be head of schedule…? Yeah, right. lol. I was surprised to find that  a half hour show a week is more work than even any two hour weekly show I ever produced for Mainstream. I’ve decided to cut back to once a month. Content will be updated the first Wednesday of the month. If I have a part 2, or a plethora of content, I will be sure to let you know.

Meanwhile, find The Inside Track, Wednesday at 9:30 P.M.


On the Inside Track
Defining Moments From There To Here.

Thanks for listening.

Debbie Hazelton

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