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Hello ACB Radio listeners.

You won’t see Jenine’s creative flair in this announcement (smile), but all I can say is that apples are healthy and there’s lots more of Apple in this episode.

First, we finish up with part two of the interview with Jenine and Jonathan Mosen. They continue talking iOS 10 and Jonathan’s new book, “iOS 10 without the Eye.” Jenine does a fabulous job demonstrating how to move apps just before the interview and, well, I couldn’t help but love the new characters she used to introduce the segment.

Next, Randy and Jason talk to you about a new cross-platform app released by Google called Allo. We also bring up a couple of tidbits in tech news before moving on.

In our third segment, Chad Blanco returns. He tells us what’s new and what he has learned with Sling for Apple TV. There are references to the Channels App, as well, and we want to be sure listeners know that the HD Home Run accessory is needed for use with that app. This interview was recorded quite a while ago during the olympics, so any time references relate to that period.

Lastly, Jason returns to talk a little about what’s new in Mac OS Sierra.

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Thank you and enjoy the show.


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