[Radio-announce] From sitting in the driver's seat and voyaging through the stars to discovering you were "made for more, " it's ArtFelt beginning at 5PM ET

Jason Castonguay jcast77 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 16:02:20 EDT 2017

Hi, radio fans!

To ease everyone into the ArtFelt experience, I’ll start out down to earth. However, it’s pretty hot down here (for any of you in the midst of a heat wave), so we’ll be launching off into the stars and make some interesting discoveries together. And don’t worry, I won’t leave you out in space — we’ll settle back down near the end. 😀

Please, join me at 5PM Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive <http://acbradio.org/interactive/>  If you have trouble with the player on the main page, try this link <http://acbradio.org:8000/interactive-live.mp3> to play directly from the stream. If you’d like to reach me during the show, feel free to tweet me <https://twitter.com/jcast/>  get me on FaceBook Messenger <https://facebook.com/jcast/>  e-mail, or text me. And, to enhance your coming back to earth experience, please stay tuned for Debbie Hazelton and her soothing program, In the Quiet, right after ArtFelt.

Thanks so much. I look forward to our trip!

Jason Castonguay

Find me on Twitter <http://www.twitter.com/jcast>, Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/jcast>, and LinkedIn <http://www.linkedin.com/in/jcast>.

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