[Radio-announce] I'm busted - Let's try this again - Billboard's Top Summer Songs from 1985 into the 90's on Rick's Picks today on ACB Radio Interactive from 11 AM to 2 PM Eastern

Rick E Morin rick.morin at comcast.net
Wed Aug 2 06:05:14 EDT 2017

Hi friends,


My apologies for never making it on the air last week. The gremlins were
extremely creative this time and it took me and Larry a bit of research and
testing to sort out the issues. Good news is that Rick's Picks is back today
from 11 to 2 Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive. 


I'm still in the summer mood and today I will pick up (no pun intended) with
the top hits of the summer beginning in 1985 according to Billboard


I will play Billboard's number one and number two summer hits from each year
and also play one of my personal favorites from each year. I'll keep at this
until we get to the summer hits of 2017. Today I will make it to 1995,


I'll also tell you about my Amazon Dash button experience and how I got
busted by the Dash Button police. Tune in to hear what was in my box!!


Please join me today for Rick's Picks on ACB Radio Interactive from 11 AM to
2 PM Eastern at http://acbradio.org/interactive. You can listen via the
incredible iOs app ACB Link available free through the App Store. You may
also listen via telephone at 605-475-8130.


And now if you can't listen live, you can listen On-Demand at


You are welcome to reach me during the show via text at 617-633-7947 or via


Enjoy the music and here is to a great hump day!


Rick Morin

ACB Radio Interactive

Rick's Picks every Wednesday from 11 AM to 2 PM Eastern



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