[Radio-announce] The best of 2017 continues! On this week's Knock on Corn show!

Tyler Juranek tylerpolkaman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 11:11:43 EST 2017

Greetings everyone!
This week on the Knock on Corn show, we continue to showcase the best of 2017.
 On this week's show, we return to April, when I took the program on
the road, and broadcasted from my office at my place of business.
 You'll hear from some great people on this show, and also some great
music as well!
 It all starts in just under an hour, at 12 PM Eastern, on ACB Radio
 To listen, head on over to

 Also, next week we will have another very special program to add to
the best of 2017, so please stay tuned to the lists.
 Enjoy the show!
 Tyler Juranek

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