[Radio-announce] This week on Main Menu: Glasses for the blind? That work?

Jason Castonguay jcast77 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 12:14:52 CET 2017

Hello everyone!

OK, so the glasses may not work in the sense you think, but coupled with an Internet connection and a trained agent, wonderful things can be achieved.

Our guest this week is Dr. Nicholas Giudice, a professor at the University of Maine with a background in experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience. He fills us in on the details of what he does before we get into his work in the development of a new product called Aira — Visual Interpreter for the Blind <http://www.aira.io/>. There are a vast number of scenarios one can imagine with the use of Aira. Some that come to mind, for me, are when one is out and about and she/he runs into unexpected obstacles, needs help in an unfamiliar area, or help with signage, especially those that dynamically update with, for example, gate changes in an air port or other transit location.

If you’d like more information on Dr. Giudice’s work, he invites you to visit his web site <https://umaine.edu/vemi/>.

A similar product, but with a different approach, is featured in the next episode of Main Menu, so stay tuned.

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Thanks very much for your support and happy listening!

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