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Wed Feb 8 13:29:17 CET 2017

Like the subject line implies, it's a special tribute edition tonight on
TBYT. As you might be aware, we've lost two legends in the rock music genre
over the past few weeks. On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, Claude Hudson Trucks,
or as most people know him as, Butch Trucks, has died. Police reports
confirmed that Trucks died of a


Gunshot wound to the head on January 24, 2017, in his home in

West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, John Kenneth Wetton born on June 12,
1949 from the rock band Asia, died

January 31,  2017, at age 67. He lived in Bournemouth, Dorset, England. His
cause of death, Colon cancer. Jay and I will be discussing both of these
artists and their music in the rock & roll era. We'll also be playing music
by associated bands to whom each of these guys have played with, such as
King Crimson, The Allman Brothers, Steve Hacket, and Genesis. Jeremy will be
doing many of the live breaks tonight, only because he's practically a
walking encyclopedia of information, more so than I am. I mean sure, while I
do share information with you regarding singers from time to time, when it
comes to the history of a singer's life, especially when it comes to classic
rock, Jay really gets into the meat and potatoes of the matter. When he
joins our team in the near future, you'll see just what I mean. In fact,
you'll get a little taste of that knowledge tonight. Ann, Dan, Rick Louis,
also known as Radio Rick, the three of you may be interested to tune tonight
and give our show a listen too, that is if you can. Who knows, tonight's
show might give you some ideas for your own shows in the future.

It all starts tonight at 7, 6, 5, or 4, depending on which time zone you're
listening in. See you then.

Mike B


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