[Radio-announce] Free Wheeling on Rick's Picks on ACB Radio Interactive today from 11AM to 2PM Eastern

rick.morin at comcast.net rick.morin at comcast.net
Wed Feb 22 08:51:42 CET 2017

Hi friends,


We will be free-wheeling today on Rick's Picks on ACB Radio Interactive with
plenty of great melodies and lyrics. Tune in to catch the pun.


I will also start the show by reprising my favorite moments from the
terrific Elton John concert that Brian Charlson and I saw last week in Las
Vegas in-between Sagebrush broadcasts.


Taking a bit of a break from my series of shows featuring great songwriters
and lyricists. Will pick that up again in March. 

You may email me before or during the show at rick.morin at comcast.net
<mailto:rick.morin at comcast.net>  or text or call me at 617-633-7947. 


Again, please join me today from 11 AM to 2 PM Eastern at
http://acbradio.org/interactive . You can listen via the incredible iOs app
ACB Link available free through the App Store. You may also listen via
telephone at 605-475-8130.


Rick Morin

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