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Thu Feb 23 11:36:43 CET 2017

Hi everyone,

Former Speaking Out for the Blind guest Lainey Feingold has asked me to 
share the following message with you all. This Internet only exclusive 
message is also on the Speaking Out for the Blind website at 
speakingoutfortheblind.weebly.com. Just click on List of Episodes and 
Show News.

Brian McCallen

Dear Brian,

I'm writing with exciting news about my book, /Structured Negotiation, A 
Winning Alternative to Lawsuits. /The book jumped to #1 in "Civil 
Rights" on Amazon Canada last week and was #2 in both the "Alternative 
Dispute Resolution" and "Disability Rights" categories.  This came on 
the heels of a week I spent in Toronto and Windsor speaking at law 
schools and presenting to lawyers, web developers, accessibility 
professionals, and disability advocates.

It was a packed and wonderful trip sponsored by Osgoode Hall Law School. 
  I was even interviewed about Structured Negotiation on a popular 
Canadian public television show, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Watch the 
  interview here 

Momentum for the book continues to build.  Here's what else is happening:

*Upcoming events*

  * March 1 book party In San Diego during the CSUN conference
  * March 21 free Structured Negotiation webinar
  * March 29 book party in Washington, DC. at the American Bar Association
  * March 30 panel in Baltimore at the tenBroek Disability Law Symposium
    Get the details about all upcoming events

*Review in national technology publication *

/Structured Negotiation/ got a great review earlier this month from 
usability expert and author Whitney Quesenbery in /User Experience, 
the Magazine of the User Experience/ Professionals Association. Read 
Whitney's review 

*Amazon (finally!)*

The Structured Negotiation book is now on both Amazon.com 
and Amazon Canada 
  Amazon reviews help sales - thanks to everyone who has written one!

*Help spread the word*

Know someone interested in a highly effective tool to resolve legal 
claims without lawsuits, conflict, and run away costs? Or someone 
involved with digital accessibility or in the disability rights 
community who would enjoy and benefit from the book? I hope you'll 
forward this email.

In gratitude for everyone's support,


p.s. You can find all things book related, including interviews and 
podcasts, praise for the book, and testimonials about book events on the 
book page of my website 

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