[Radio-announce] Get a Boost With GEM! Where's the coffee?

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Mon Jan 30 09:40:32 EST 2017

Good morning! Happy new week! Wow, and already almost into February!


No matter what things "seem like", no matter how things appear, we still
have choices and voices! 


! I hope you'll choose to be with me today for "The Good Energy Mix." Great
tunes, uplifting remarks.

Also, I've got the new AirPods to tell you about, and a new coffee maker.
Hmmm, "What happened to the old one?" Oh man! "Where's the coffee?" That's
what we were wondering.


11:00 A.M. EST.



We're all in this together! Let's make it good! We can!


Debbie Hazelton

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