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Tue Jun 27 13:26:28 EDT 2017

*/BADIE Contest- The Winner and More/*– Wednesday June 28th 10:30PM 
Eastern/7:30PM Pacific (and replays every two hours throughout the next day)

Remember when I talked with ACB’s very own Joel Snyder about the 8^th 
Annual BADIE Contest? That’s the Benefits of Audio Description in 
Education Contest! Well, we have a winner! Abby Moreno from Lowell High 
School in San Francisco, California is BADIE’s Grand Prize Winner. Abby 
and Joel join us to talk about the movie choice, the big win, and give a 
quick piece of info on the latest happenings in ACB’s Audio Description 
Project. Also joining us will be Abby’s teacher Ahmet Ustunel. (rebroadcast)

Note: This is no show on the week of July 4^th due to ACB Convention 

To listen to this week’s “Speaking Out for the Blind,” go to: 
http://acbradio.org/mainstream, and choose one of the links under the 
headings “Listen to ACB Radio Mainstream” and “Now Playing;” or call 
605-475-8130, and when prompted, press “1” for ACB Radio Mainstream. You 
may also listen to the program live on the ACB Link mobile app. For more 
information, go to http://link.acb.org. Show archive page is at 
http://acbradio.org/speaking-out-for-the-blind. Please note that there 
is a link located at the top half of the page and below the heading that 
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the Blind and Twitter page is at SpeakOutBlind (You may also access this 
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speakout at acbradio.org <mailto:speakout at acbradio.org>.

For more info related to this week’s show, go to: 

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