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Wed Mar 8 15:22:18 CET 2017

Hi everyone,

Former Speaking Out for the Blind guest Lainey Feingold has asked me to 
share the following message with you all. This Internet only exclusive 
message is also on the Speaking Out for the Blind website at 
speakingoutfortheblind.weebly.com. Just click on List of Episodes and 
Show News.

Brian McCallen

Dear Brian,

I'm back from a whirlwind trip to San Diego for the annual CSUN 
Assistive Technology Conference. The week included a book party for 
/Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits/ and two 
Digital Accessibility Legal Update presentations. (A repeat session was 
needed for the overflow crowd!)

The slides to the digital accessibility legal update session are now 
available on line. And because slides can only tell so much, I've also 
posted a new Digital Accessibility Legal Update on my website.

  * Read the March 7 digital accessibility legal update post
  * Check out the CSUN 2017 legal update slides

I was overwhelmed at the conference by interest in the legal update and 
support for my book. Thanks to everyone who attended!

/Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits/ is full of 
stories of how the blind community worked with some of largest 
organizations in the United States to improve access to technology and 
digital and print information withOUT lawsuits. If you missed the CSUN 
book party, you can learn more about the book on my website 

And finally, it's March 8.  Celebrating International Women's day with 
gratitude and hats off to all the women working to make the digital 
world more accessible!


p.s. /Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits/ is now 
available on Amazon! Buy the Structured Negotiation book on Amazon 
  Amazon reviews help spread the word.  Even one or two sentences helps!

Lainey Feingold
Law Office of Lainey Feingold
Author, Structured Negotiation | A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits 
LF at LFLegal.com 
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