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Tue Mar 14 10:46:39 EDT 2017

Hi Speaking Out for the Blind listeners,

Former guest Laurie Rubin has asked me to share with you all the 
following message. It will also posted on 
speakingoutfortheblind.weebly.com. Just click on List of Episodes and 
Show News.

Hi Brian!

How are you?  The reason I’m writing to you is that thanks to you, I 
found out about an opportunity to apply for the Holman Prize for Blind 
Ambition, a $25,000 award given to a blind person from anywhere in the 
world to get his or her dream project off the ground.  The first step of 
the application process is to create a 90 second pitch video on Youtube 
which describes our ideas in a nutshell for how we would use the money 
if we won.  Then, we are asked to share it with our networks because the 
video that has the most likes on Youtube will automatically be reserved 
a place in the final round.

I am wondering if you would please watch the video and hit the like 
button on Youtube.  You can also feel free to share this with your 
networks as well.  When I was a junior in college, I had a bit of a soul 
searching moment in which I felt that music in itself wasn’t enough to 
fulfill me because I didn’t know if it would help me give back and 
contribute to the community the way I really wanted to.  This project 
would fulfill my passion for music, and my other, equally near and dear 
passion to help youth who are going through many of the harrowing 
experiences I went through in middle school which in many cases, has 
devastating results.  Here is the pitch video with more details.

Thank you so much for your support.  The deadline to get likes on 
youtube is the 15th, so we have one more full day to spread the news 
like wild fire, and get people to press the like button and to share 
this video!  I hope that this is the catalyst for putting us back in 
touch as I’d love to hear about your latest news!  Take good care and 
talk soon.

Laurie Rubin

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