[Radio-announce] Better late than never, the Eclectic 80's is on right now.

Kevin Minor kminor65 at outlook.com
Tue May 2 13:23:41 EDT 2017


My laptop that I broadcast with decided to act up.  All is well now.  I'm on with a very abbreviated Eclectic 80's on ACB Radio Interactive.  I'll be on for about 45 minutes until paratransit picks me and the Amazing Jilly up for a vet appointment.  If you have requests, comments or whatever you like, send them via email to

kevin at acbradio.org<mailto:kevin at acbradio.org>

and, time permitting I'll get to them.

To hear the show, point your browser of choice to


And go past the on demand section.  You'll find a listen link there.

Have a blessed day and don't work too hard.
Kevin Minor and the amazing Jilly, Lexington, KY
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