[Radio-announce] FYI: Stepping away from broadcasting on ACB Radio

Speaking Out for the Blind speakout at acbradio.org
Wed Nov 15 17:05:19 EST 2017

Hi Debbie,

I'm going to miss working with and listening to you on ACB Radio very 
much. You've been an excellent mentor, friend, host, and yes, show 
guest. Remember when you were one of my guests on /Speaking Out for the 
Blind/? That was a lot of fun! And also when you helped me set up Skype 
for recording interviews. That made the audio for the /Speaking Out/ 
show crystal clear! It was fun to hear the lively A Capellas on /The 
Good Energy Mix/ and the beautiful choruses on /In The Quiet/. Both 
programs lifted my spirits and brightened my days.

Thank you for everything. Stay in touch!

Brian McCallen

On 11/15/17 11:31 AM, Debbie Hazelton via Radio-announce wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> It’s a friendly move. It’s a definite move.
> After ten plus years of broadcasting with ACB Radio, it is time to 
> move on. While I will still remain with the project occasionally 
> working in the background, I’m ready to spread my wings into new 
> territory. I promised this years ago when leaving Team-FM. Since that 
> time, I got bogged down with one thing or another that kept me where 
> I’ve been, pretty much tethered to shows. I’ve also been heavily 
> involved with a team of 24-7 care-giving, and am looking forward to 
> some unscheduled time to both rest and create more freely. Though my 
> first radio experiences were not with ACB Radio, I’m grateful for the 
> experiences in growing as a broadcaster, producer and all that I 
> learned I could accomplish in my previous role as assistant managing 
> director. Today, I remain a member of a couple of ACB affiliates. My 
> heart is still with what ACB represents and I’m proud of many of its 
> accomplishments.
> Affective now, all of my shows are moving to a retirement status. It’s 
> entirely possible that they will rise up elsewhere, and even be back 
> in circulation here through another avenue. Feel free to sign up for 
> my Announce List by sending a blank email to:
> Announce-request at debbiehazelton.com 
> <mailto:Announce-request at debbiehazelton.com>
> The word subscribe in the subject line.
> Many thanks first, to ACB for continuing to support and help grow ACB 
> Radio. It still has tons of potential. When I hear things like state 
> and national conventions streamed, World Blind Union I am repeatedly 
> moved just to consider how even one person who is blind/visually 
> impaired can in any given moment feel less isolated, greater 
> self-esteem while finding practical resources by which to move ahead 
> and gain greater freedom. The Interactive stream remains important to 
> bring community  and social interaction. ACB Radio is huge! May it 
> continue to grow in wonderful ways. I am always willing to help 
> brainstorm more that it can become and especially appreciate Jeff 
> Bishop as a friend and colleague as we have, and will continue to 
> share many brainstorming ideas together. Jeff is doing what I’m now 
> doing, spreading his wings to do more, bring more, all that go a long 
> way to enhance ACB and our lives as people who are blind/visually 
> impaired.
> I also want to publicly thank Larry Turnbull. This guy starts working 
> every day at 5:00 A.M. and rarely quits his attentiveness to so much 
> detail, to run ACB Radio with its seven streams and simultaneously 
> executing his role as ACB server administrator, overseeing all of ACB 
> lists as well as providing ongoing and on-call support to ACB office 
> staff in both national offices.  Larry has trained, hand-held many new 
> broadcasters, spending hours of time to tutor and guide. It would 
> probably take six people to replace him in all that he currently does 
> today, much of which remains in the background behind the scenes.
> Thank you, listeners, who have tuned in, enjoyed any of my shows, who 
> have been guests and dared to openly share so much of your lives. 
> Without you, who listen and participate whether on-air or through 
> interactive discussions, there would be no place, no avenue for radio. 
> And thank you Randy Rusnak, for being The Big R. We had fun cooking up 
> lots of food and craziness, passing along many tips and resources.
> Truthfully, I’d like to see many more aspiring broadcasters spend time 
> on ACB Radio, and take the initiative to grow on and up into new 
> possibilities. In my opinion, this could do more to both grow ACB and 
> ACB Radio. This was part of what I hoped would happen through the 
> vehicle and program of Affiliates In Action. Perhaps it will still do 
> so one day. It’s a huge endeavor.
> In any event, onward we go, together and separately. I apologize for 
> any disappointment or sadness. Sometimes we have to stretch to grow. 
> Thank you for your support, interest and understanding.
> Debbie Hazelton
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