[Radio-announce] On The Inside Track is back! And I have to brag about tonight's guest!!! :-)

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Wed Aug 1 13:30:45 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone,


Yup, it's back and wow, am I ever glad I could get this guest for the first
show after a long time away. If news hasn't gotten around, I wonder if you
can guess who it is.

I'll give you some clues.




Ok, it's a she. I mean, she's a she.


She has lots of talent.


She helps a lot of people from behind the scene.


She's kind of shy.


Did you guess yet?


Ok,  here goes.


She makes a lot of things for the Holiday Auction.

Uh oh! That probably did it!


She made a lot of things and sold many at the last ACB National Convention.


And she happens to be married to someone we know well, who is busy at
Microsoft these days!


Yes indeed. You probably figured out I'm talking about Keri Bishop.


She has just created her own Etsy shop. I'll be going there, starting
Christmas shopping early!


Her shop can be found:




And you can email Keri


kraftykerbear at gmail.com <mailto:kraftykerbear at gmail.com> 


On The Inside Track begins at 9:00 P.M. Eastern

On ACB Radio Mainstream. Content is updated monthly.




Thanks for listening!


Debbie Hazelton


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