[Radio-announce] Valentines day! To the seccond power! On this week's Knock on Corn show!

Tyler Juranek tylerpolkaman at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 00:15:49 EST 2018

Hi everybody!
I hope that it has been a busy but great week for you!
I can't believe it is almost Friday here in the great state of Iowa,
which means it is almost time for me to bring you the Knock on Corn
Last week, we celebrated Valentines day. This week, we do it again! We
start the show out with some great love tunes, and then, with the cold
snap that has hit my portion of the country, I will be sure and play
you some fast-paced tunes so you can dance and keep warm!
So come join the fun!
It all starts tomorrow, at 12 PM Eastern, on ACB Radio Interactive!
To listen, point your browser to
Hope to see you there!
Tyler Juranek

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