[Radio-announce] We're awesome and we know it this week on Main Menu!

Jenine Stanley jeninems at icloud.com
Fri Feb 16 07:42:20 EST 2018

This week the awesomeness never stops! Randy shows us the Altec Lansing Omni Ultra jacket. No, it’s not his hot new winter wear. It’s a cool speaker. Jenine shines up her Chrome  skills with a listener requested  look at some basics of the browser. Jason rolls out his own awesomeness with a look at his new Orbit Reader 20. to learn more, go to http://www.tech.aph.org/or20 and  Send to Braille http://tech.aph.org/lt. 

Join us for Main Menu Friday at 9:00pm Eastern time, repeated every 4 hours for the next 24 hours on ACB Radio’s Mainstream channel. Search for Main Menu in your favorite podcasting app and receive each show right on your device of choice. You can also listen by phone at 712-775-4808.
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