[Radio-announce] A new year, and fresh new show ideas... suggested by you!

Legendary Insights ACB legendaryinsights at acbradio.org
Fri Jan 5 13:41:07 EST 2018

Greetings, listeners, and happy new year!

This is Laura, host of the Legendary Insights program on ACB Radio Mainstream.  I hope your 2018 is the best year yet.  

Legendary Insights airs every other month, on even numbered months, on the first Thursday of that month, at 8 PM Eastern time, 5 PM Pacific.  That means the first show of 2018 will air on Thursday, February 1st.  I hope you will join me! 

I’m sending this shout out to all of you who might have some great show topics to suggest.  I’m always open to fresh ideas, since my goal is to provide information and entertainment that suits your needs.  Want to hear more on a topic already covered?  Think you would enjoy the show a bit more if we moved in a completely different direction?  Do you have a pet topic you wish somebody would explore?  I’m interested to hear your thoughts, and open to all suggestions.  Please be a part of the show, and contribute your ideas.  I’ll definitely consider each one, and make every effort to include it in this year‘s lineup.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Sending you my very best wishes for the new year, along with a reminder to live your best, most ingenious life.

Laura Legendary

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