[Radio-announce] Legendary Insights follow-up program with Q and A

Legendary Insights ACB legendaryinsights at acbradio.org
Wed Mar 7 11:36:08 EST 2018

Hi all, this is Laura, host of Legendary Insights on ACB Radio Mainstream. 

In the last program, I interviewed guest Jonathan Simeone, who gave us the lowdown on all things ABLE Accounts.  The next episode will be a follow up show, where we will review what we have learned so far, and answer your questions.  If there was any ground we did not cover in part 1, please write to legendaryinsights at acbradio.org and ask away.  I will be sure to get your question to Jonathan for the next program, which will air on Thursday, April 5, 2018.

I plan to continue with the financial literacy series, and in the June episode, my guests and I will talk about everything from basics to Bitcoin. 

Thank you, as always, for tuning in to Legendary Insights.  I’ll be back soon, and in the meantime, live your ingenious life. 

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