[Radio-announce] Rick's Picks will be back April 4

Rick E Morin rick.morin at comcast.net
Tue Mar 27 06:40:30 EDT 2018

Hi friends,

I's been a very busy time and a bunch of things have kept me from doing
Rick's Picks recently on ACB Radio Interactive on Wednesday's from 11 to 2
PM Eastern. The good news is that the tech issues I was having appear to be
resolved. Now, I just need to take care of some family matters back in my
home town of Springfield, MA. 

I expect things to be back to "normal" next week and will be doing my next
show on April 4.

Hope you all have a safe and blessed Easter and I look forward to being back
next week!!

Thanks for listening to and supporting ACB Radio!

Rick Morin

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