[Radio-announce] Out of town this week, so enjoy a great replay of ArtFelt at 5PM ET on ACBRI

Jason Castonguay jcast77 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 15:34:27 EDT 2018

Hi there, everyone!

The subject pretty much says it all. I am out of town for a few days
visiting friends and experiencing a whole lot of art, although, it isn't
entirely music related. It's more like good people and good food, but
that's a story for another show. :)

Please enjoy a replay of ArtFelt and I look forward to returning next week
with many things to tell.

The replay starts at 5PM Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive. You can listen
at http://acbradio.org:8000/interactive.mp3 or use the ACB Link app for
both Android and iOS.

Afterward, my dear friend, Debbie Hazelton, will send you into lush
relaxation and rejuvenation as she brings to us "In the Quiet." You won't
want to miss it, beginning at 7 o'clock after ArtFelt.

Jason Castonguay

Jason Castonguay <jcast77 at gmail.com>
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