[Radio-announce] In The Quiet: Dedicated to Mitch and Donna Pomerantz, today, 7:00 PM EST.

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Tue Feb 12 17:42:50 EST 2019

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday during my show “The Good Energy Mix, I suddenly received a text from Donna Pomperantz that she and Mitch were listening. I was shocked and thrilled. Shocked, because I know Mitch is in the hospital following brain surgery last Saturday morning. I was thrilled at the opportunity to say hello to him and to connect with both of them.

I said hello, and asked Mitch to squeeze Donna’s hand if he could hear me. He did. This has got to be one of the sweetest moments in all of ACB Radio history! What a privilege it was to behold such a precious occurance.

In keeping with this spirit, today’s show is dedicated to them both, whether they can tune in or not ,with the request that we all send our loving throughts and prayers their way.

It’s a tually been shown that as we pray for others, hold high thoughts of love and healing intent for others, we improve our own circumstances exponentially. What a concept. It’s one that works!

So let’s do this together!

In The Quiet

7:00 P.M. EST.

Let’s make it happen!

Debbie Hazelton

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