[Radio-announce] It's time for a shiny, new week! Let's get into it today with GEM!

iam at debbiehazelton.com iam at debbiehazelton.com
Mon Jul 22 08:45:23 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,


Soooo much going on out there! Need I say more? Under statement!


Let's be strong together, determined to make this week a great one, no
matter who., what., why., when., how. Blah blah. 


I've got so much to tell you! Convention was great! I'm super excited about
our new slate of officers!


And wow, I just got my hands on an Orbit Reader (for a really great price!)
I'll tell you about that. And cooking. Always cooking. New Instant Pot
accessibility coming down the pike!!!


And of course, music, always great music!


So come on and join in! And call me up on Miss A if you've got me in your
contacts. And if you don't, send me a reply here and I'll send it to you!


9:00 A.M. EST.



Come on! We're all in this together! The more the merrier!


Debbie Hazelton


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