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Welcome to the Audio Description Project!

Here you will learn everything about Audio Description, from what is it, to samples, to who does it, to how and where it is available in various media.  You can also join our online discussion, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and be notified of updates to this page by using the VisualPing website.

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The FCC Wants to Know What Changes You Want to the CVAA
(Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act)

As requested in this FCC Public Notice, the FCC would like to know what changes you feel are required in the 10-year old CVAA.  "Given changes in technology and industry practices, as well as taking into account consumer experiences, we seek comment on whether there is a need to update these rules."  For example, we at the ADP suggest you consider the following.  Are enough shows described today on TV?  Are enough non-broadcast networks (USA, TBS, etc.) covered?  Are enough regions of the country covered?  Are cable TV providers able to supply the right equipment and answer your questions about AD?  Are you satisfied with the quantity and quality of audio description provided?

How about the streaming services?  The ACB has had to initiate legal action in many cases to get streaming companies to provide description.  Should the FCC mandate it for streamers of a certain size or type of content?  And once an audio description track is created, should there be some requirement that it must be passed along just like closed captioning is to any other service that picks up the show for rebroadcast?  These are just some of the things you should be thinking about.  And don't simply rely upon someone else to voice these commentsMAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!  Historically, few blind or low vision individuals have replied to these Requests for Comment, which does not reflect well on the needs and desires of individuals with visual impairment.

How do you submit your comments to the FCC?  Here is the simplified process:

  1. Write your comments in a Word document, PDF, or plain text file.
  2. Go to this web address:
  3. Type the Proceeding Number in the first box:  21-140 and press Enter.
  4. The following fields are required on the form as you tab down:  Name(s); Primary Contact Email; Address Of (use "Filer" or "Author"); Address, City, State, Zip.
  5. At that point, the next field says to "Click or drop files here."  You should be able to click to select your prepared comments, or drag and drop if you prefer.
  6. Click the box to receive an email confirmation of your submission.
  7. Finally you will click the button to "Continue to the Review Screen."  (We haven't done this yet, so we hope it is obvious from here on!)

There is an alternative.  If you want to type your comments directly, use this web address:  The form is similar and slightly shorter, and you could cut-and-paste your comments into the Comment block if you wish.  As a last resort, you can send your comments to this address:  In each case, remember that the Proceeding Number is 21-140.  DO IT NOW!

Featured Articles 

Audio Description Awareness Day Challenge

Two people watching a videoWhile not sponsored by the ACB, Friday, April 16th, has been designated Audio Description Awareness Day by Bold Blind Beauty, and it comes with a specific challenge:  Watch an audio described program with a friend and post your experience on social media using the hashtag #TADAChallenge.  Listen to this short video to learn more:  (Posted Apr 16)

Search of DCMP Catalog Now Available

We have updated our Find a Video search (above and on our Master AD List page) to give you an option to also search the DCMP (Described and Captioned Media Program) website, which offers free described and captioned versions of primarily educational films for family members and educators with early learners through Grade 12 students who are blind or deaf.  A subset of titles are free to all without meeting that qualification.  Search DCMP.  (Posted Apr 6)

ACB/ADP Achievement Award Nominations
Deadline is May 9th

Red RibbonIt's time again (the 13th time, to be exact) to nominate an individual or organization for an ADP Achievement Award.  This year the categories have been restructured a bit to allow separate nomination for individuals and organizations for Media, Performing Arts, and Museums.  Read the full nomination criteria and options for submitting a nomination at 2021 ADP Achievement Award Nominations.  You can also see previous winners in The Audio Description Honor Roll.   (Updated Apr 6)

Ikea's Audio Catalog

Not exactly audio description, but you may be interested to know that Ikea has produced its extensive catalog in audio format.  (Posted Apr 6)

HBO Max Begins Audio Description

HBO Max LogoHBO Max has begun its long-awaited offering of audio described Originals, movies, and TV series, initially supporting web browsers, the iPhone, and iPad.  We have posted all the titles we can find on the ADP website and have integrated them into our Master AD List.  Most of the titles are unique to HBO Max, so our Master List total has risen considerably and you have lots of new offerings.  You will find our listing in the Titles With AD navigation list above.  You can also use this direct link to HBO Max Titles With AD on the HBO Max website.  (Updated Mar 30)

In the UK:  100 AD Videos, Discounted

VocalEyes LogoThanks to a National Lottery Project Grant from Arts Council England, VocalEyes is offering artists and arts organizations a significant discount on film/video audio description services over the period May 3rd to August 31st 2021.  The opportunity is limited to one project per individual or organization.  Learn more at 100 Videos Described.  (Posted Mar 26)

Audio Description News 

Audio Described DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

1 DVD with Audio Description was released on April 6:  Earwig and the Witch.  1 DVD with Audio Description was released on March 30:  Wonder Woman 1984.  3 DVDs with Audio Description were released on March 23:  Breaking News in Yuba County; News of the World; Soul.

Featured DVD Featured DVD
Featured DVD Featured DVD Featured DVD

Next Week April 20:  Fantasia; Fantasia 2000.

USA Described DVDs:  2021 | 2020 | All Since 1997 | For Children

Read:  Don’t Make Low-Vision Viewers Choose Between Vibrant 4K Picture and Audio Description.

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FCC Confirms Nonbroadcast Networks
Required to Provide AD Starting July 1

SAP FeatureThe FCC has finished its final selection process for the five nonbroadcast networks required to provide audio description for the next three years starting July 1.  The process involved naming the top 10 based on surveys, then allowing requests for exemptions.  As usual, news and sports networks requested exemption, and those exemptions were granted.  The five remaining networks are:  Hallmark, HGTV, History, TBS, and TLC.  Hallmark and TLC will be new; Discovery and USA will be dropped.  (Posted Mar 9)


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The Audio Description Project's website collects and provides information on audio description in all its forms: live theatre, television, movies, DVDs, streaming services, and more.  Started in 2002 by AD International, funding and direction for this website has come from the American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Project since 2009.  Read more about this site...

Audio Description (AD) is the descriptive narration of key visual elements of live theatre, television, movies, and other media to enhance their enjoyment by consumers who are blind or have low vision.  AD is the insertion of audio explanations and descriptions of the settings, characters, and action taking place in such media, when such information about these visual elements is not offered in the regular audio presentation.  Read more about audio description...

Based on his doctoral thesis and teaching audio description around the world, ADP Project Director Dr. Joel Snyder's book, The Visual Made Verbal: A Comprehensive Training Manual and Guide to the History and Applications of Audio Description, is available in print (English, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian), for Kindle, on Bookshare, and in braille and as an audio book from NLS libraries.  Read more details about Dr. Snyder's book...

Dedicated organizations around the world facilitate the offering of audio description for movies, videos, live theatre, and television.  This website attempts to expose their fine work to as many interested viewers as possible. Thank you for visiting!